Nemo’s Stroller – News 2015 – Download PDF

Prime Pappe

A baby’s diet changes rapidly according to the various growing phases.
Thus it is important to use products which help the mother to feed her little one in a safe and functional way. First Meals is the line created for his first lunches and dinners: high chairs, bouncers and much much more.[/tab]

Primi Bagni

A baby’s delicate skin brings on hugs and tenderness.
Thus it is important to take care of their daily hygiene with safe products, created specifically for them.
First Baths is the line that has been made to help a mother and her baby during the important moment of his bath.

Primi Passi

From the days the baby loves to move and discover the world around him. Primi Passi is a line that has been thought of to accompany  the little one through his growing phase helping him to move around in complete safety, leaving him free to travel with his fantasy.[/tab]

Primi Viaggi

From his very first day, our baby travels with us.
Strollers, boards, car seats, curtains. Every product has been created to follow his growth and his movements in a safe and comfortable way, so that First Travels becomes his ideal companion.[/tab]

Prime Nanne

The baby’s bedroom is where they allow themselves to be cradled by imagination. First Baby Sleep decorates it with imaginative products, designed specifically for the little ones, creating a magic and safe place in which the baby will never stop dreaming.